Registered Angus and Angus Hybrids

​At the Dake Ranch our goal is to produce functional cattle that perform well and have style.  Because 99% of cattle are sold upon visual inspection, we believe that sound, functional, and highly performing cattle should have a pleasing phenotype as well.  Some farmers like to park their shiny tractors along the road to make a prosperity statement.  We like to produce black bovines that can make that statement a reality for you.  

A little about us:  Diana and I were raised on Kansas and Nebraska farms during the agriculturally turbulent 80's.  With the disappointment of those times, we chose other professions for our early adult lives, never imaging that one day we would be able to return to the fields of our youth...but we did...and founded the Dake Ranch, LLC.  The Dake Ranch is family owned and operated.  There are no hired herdsmen or managers, just the Dakes performing the daily duties and preparing for future generations....bovine and otherwise.
The Dake Family