Registered Angus and Angus Hybrids

We believe that Ruby represents the future of our program.  She combines calving ease with high growth all in a very attractive package.

It's difficult and often cost prohibitive to find the kind of cow we need to produce the bulls and heifers our customers deserve.  For this reason, we consider our donors vital to building our cow herd.  In order to have cutting edge genetics and performance, both sides of the pedigree must be addressed.  We strive to do this at the Dake Ranch through our embryo program.
Embryos available for purchase.
1075 is double bred to the $100,000 valued N Bar Primrose 2424 (Ext's dam).  She is as long and stout as an Angus cow comes and has superior maternal abilities.
"Joker," as we call her, has great numbers and maternal instincts bundled in an attractive blaze-faced package.